• Chinese Government to Consider Cross-Border East-Asian Stablecoin for Hong Kong During the National People’s Congress


    Chinese officials to consider a cross-border Asian stablecoin in Hong Kong, to facilitate a cross-border payment network between three Asian countries, and four currencies - China, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. The world’s second-largest economy is aiming to build Hong Kong into an international financial center in the digital economy era. At China’s annual “Two Sessions,” also known as the National People’s Congress, China’s most important annual political

  • New York Times Square Billboard Demands Release of Silk Road Darknet Drug Trafficker


    A billboard in Times Square has been hired by the ‘Free Ross’ movement as part of a campaign to release Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the Silk Road contraband marketplace on the darknet. Ross Ulbricht is currently serving a double life sentence for his role as a darknet marketplace entrepreneur. He is in the seventh year of his sentence and it would appear that he is unlikely to ever be released without a pardon. He is 36 years old.

  • Did Satoshi Nakamoto Move His Bitcoin Yesterday? No, But Craig Wright Shot Himself in the Foot


    The recorded movement came from an address containing coins that were mined barely a month after the launch of the Bitcoin mainnet in 2009, at this time it is suggested that only three people could have known about BTC, one of them being Satoshi.

    Beyond the age of the wallet, there is really no indication that this movement was Nakamoto.